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The inspiration of the Pearl-Series comes from the

idea of finding a solution to include pearls into jewelry without destroying them or their surface.


The rings are handmade in 925 Sterlingsilver

Each pearl is exchangeable and movable.

Since pearls are a product of life in nature they need to be valued as products that not occur as a matter of course.

They need to be valued and respected.
Also the pearl itself has a very dark history according to their production. Hundreds of oysters needed to get killed just to get the one perfectly shaped.

From this point on I was working on finding a design and shape, which sets the pearl in a context of providing validation and the recognition they deserve 

Therefore I created four different shapes, that won't hurt or destroy the pearl throughout the way she is connected with the ring.

Each pearl is held only through the tension of the
silver and could be removed every time without being destroyed. The pearl becomes the centre of each ring held in honor

The origin of each pearl is known and was farmed in the best conditions without hurting the shell in which it was grown.


But still,
it is a topic which still should be discussed. Especially nowadays when hundreds of pearls are thrown on the market and land on the necks of consumers that don't know any better.

So know where your materials, your fashion or whatever you consume is coming from
and buy sustainable and conscious.

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