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Georg Schiller is a German-based Jewelry-Designer, goldsmith and artist working primarily with noble metals and pre-selected gemstones.

Schiller grew up surrounded by nature, leading to a natural curiosity of finding inspiration in mother nature and her given forms. His pieces sculpt the raw complexity of what it means to be human into unique pieces.

Whilst studying musicology in Vienna, he spent time experimenting with fine materials and different techniques in a family friend’s jewellery atelier leading to the decision to train as a goldsmith and solidify his place in the jewellery world.

Schiller graduated from Pforzheim Goldschmiedeschule in Jewellery Design in 2022. Across three years, his course taught traditional jewellery-making techniques and gemmology, providing the space to foster his style and creative flair.

During his studies, he created his label SCHILLER consisting of different personal designs influenced by nature.


Schiller’s work is emotionally loaded, full of symbolism and visualises the inseparable symbiosis of nature and the human form. His creations manifest a distinctive take on the world with high-quality materials and superior designs into tangible keepsakes for others to cherish.

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